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A Woman on the Outside SXSW World Premiere

A Woman on the Outside  (2022)

87 min   |   English  |  Producers Jones/Katz/Riordan Seville

Broadcast Premiere PBS

World Channel

America Reframed

Mar 28 2024 8pm est

World Premiere

Sun. Mar 13   11:15am  

Alamo LamarAlamo Lamar B

Austin, TX



American Black Film Festival

June 15 - 18 2022 Miami, Fl

Spotlight on Documentaries

Thurs. June 16   5:30p m  

Regal South Beach Stadium 18 Theater #14.   Miami, Fl



Growing up, Kristal watched nearly every man in her life disappear to prison. She channeled that struggle into keeping families connected, both as a social worker and with her van service that drives families to visit loved ones in far-off prisons. But when Kristal’s dad and brother return to Philly, her happiness meets the realization that release doesn't always mean freedom. Passionate, funny and resilient, Kristal remains determined to carve out a different future -- for herself and for her young nephew, Nyvae. 

Part observational documentary, part family album, "A Woman on the Outside" is a tender portrait of one family striving to love in the face of a system built to break them.

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