Kiara C. Jones

The daughter of a Bronx, Brooklyn love story, Kiara began her creative career as a poet and hip hop artist.  She transformed her love for storytelling into an award winning career in broadcast radio and television.  After traveling the world exploiting her talents on and off camera, she settled under the bright neon lights of Las Vegas producing live shows and events.  Kiara is happy to return to her roots in New York and plant herself in the fertile soil of New York University where she is embracing her next evolution as a filmmaker.

Director’s Statement

Can women really have it all? Career, motherhood, committed relationship, independence, sexuality, respect?  Women have made great advancements in breaking out of traditional roles and redefining our identity.  By taking on more traditionally male roles, are we missing out on some of the great pleasures of being a woman?  Are we becoming Amazing or Amazon... and is this evolution physically and mentally better for us than our former state?  Does this new strength and empowerment make us somehow less feminine?  My films seek to probe into these questions and open a dialogue that explores the current condition of womanhood.

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Kiara C Jones Director/Producer

Films as Director

              Men or Mice

               Aug 2010

             Amazon Women

              Aug 2009



May 2008


Dec 2007

Memphis to Manhattan

Jan 2008

As Director of Photography


              A Priori

              Aug 2010

Elle était et elle est, même

May 2008


Dec 2007

Films As Producer

The Roe Effect

Director Kiel Adrian Scott

Romeo vs Juliet

Director Lapo Melzi

Round On Both Sides

Director Marquette Jones


Director Maba Ba

Act of Bravery

Director Perry Blackshear

235 Willow St

Director Alan Blanco

A Priori

Director Achim Neufeld


Director Melanie Delloye


Director Toshimichi Saito


Director Kiandra Parks


Director Lapo Melzi

Films As Editor

Jackson Parish

Director Edward McDonald

A Priori

Director Achim Neufeld


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